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Welcome to Yoga with Marcella

Welcome to Yoga with Marcella

Welcome to Yoga with Marcella Welcome to Yoga with Marcella

Group Booking Options

Team Building


Why not make an event out of a yoga class?

Partner Yoga can be a great team building exercise for the office helping to break the ice and have everyone working together.

1:1 Private or Small Group


Not a fan of a large class? Why not book opt for a private booking you can do from the comfort of your own home or even a small group setting with friends. Available in and around Great Dunmow and Bishop's Stortford

Hen Party


Yoga at a hen party has become more and more popular. A great way to start a day of fun with either a relaxing stretch, or a partner yoga class.

corporate yoga

Greater Energy Around the Office


Every office worker knows what that mid-day slump feels like. Luckily, yoga doesn’t just provide a workout, but gives a person some much-needed energy.

Not only does office yoga give a boost of energy, but it can prevent a burnout feeling. Published in 2015, a study focused on nurses who performed yoga sessions over an eight-week stretch. Despite working an exhausting job, the nurses noted fewer feelings of burnout.

A Source of Stress Relief



Along with the feeling of exhaustion, work can create stress. The tension, frustration and hurried feeling can take a toll on employees.

A study from the University of Utah tested brain activity from people in pain. Participants who regularly performed yoga exhibited far less of a stressful reaction when put in slight pain.

With that improved stress relief, also comes less anger at work. Studies have proven a significant decrease in the hormone that produces aggression after office yoga.

Increased Focus and Productivity


 It may seem counterproductive to spend a half hour doing yoga in the office. That quickly becomes 30 minutes where you can’t respond to emails or answer a phone call. But, once that half hour is up, employees should notice an uptick in their focus. 

Physical and Mental Health Improves



We know that yoga reduces stress, improves focus and improves energy.

According to the Mayo Clinic, office yoga can also help manage chronic health conditions. Cancer, insomnia, high blood pressure, and even depression can improve with regular yoga.

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